Kyndugir textar 


11th week of summer

(Ekki er vita­ hver rita­i athugasemdina ß umslagi­)

The intended recipient was probably Prof. Thorbjorn Sigurgeirsson. The handwritten comment suggests that the name had assumed a new international form.

Child-friendly girl
with built-in wardrobes, facing south in the suburb of Melar with district heating is available for rent for a temperate man. Also a garage at the same place. Information at Tel. No. .....


Used the wife┤s chequebook. A man 40 years of age has been sentenced in a court in NE Iceland to a jail term of 30 days, the loss of driver┤s licence for life and made to pay 2 thousand crowns in damages. The man was charged with issuing a cheque to CafÚ Amour in Akureyri to the amount of 2 thousand crowns, but the cheque was from his wife┤s chequebook.

Lifelong loss of driving licence for the fifth time. A man in his late twenties was yesterday given a four months prison sentence with loss of driving licence for life and made to pay legal costs. He was found guilty of driving under the influence of narcotics, the possession of narcotics and theft. This is a repeated offence, and the fifth time that the man has lost his driving licence for life.

Fewest have sold nothing

Signs of reduction in the growth of demand

Will not soon not be rich from this

A man without a licence broke a girl┤s thigh

Brei­holt to Nigeria. (Brei­holt is a suburb of ReykjavÝk but was also the name of a now defunct construction company.)


Men investigated in ReykjavÝk 


(Fri­sŠld Ý kirkjugar­inum Ý Vestmannaeyjum. Ljˇsmynd: Vilhelm)

Peace in the Vestmanneyjar churchyard. (The picture is from a different place)

The frost bites Europe. The people of Amsterdam can skate on the city┤s canals, thanks to the severe colds in Croatia

Tools and Science Institute of the University of Iceland (VerkfŠri = Tools, VerkfrŠ­i = Engineering)


Science stagnation of the University of Iceland. (St÷­nun = stagnation. Stofnun = institute)

The surface of Mars shows many circular mountains and craters. The picture shows a large crater, about 30 km in diameter, taken by Mariner 6...



Phnom Penh surrounded on all sides

... sun sets in Reykjavik at 14:17 (quoting the Icelandic Almanac)

... and it (the moon) can be seen in ReykjavÝk at 12:53  (quoting the Icelandic Almanac)

The children┤s school at Eyrabakki (the name of the town is Eyrarbakki)

Intoxication back to normal


The expansion of the State Treasury has been curtailed


Ů.S. 26.8. 2015. Vi­bŠtur 16.6. 2021